Confidence * Boldness * Assurance * Fearless * Curvy * Audacity * EGO

Plus Size Ego is not just a clothing brand but also a movement! A movement for women who struggle with confidence. Too often, we shrink back and fail to tap into our greatest potential because we don't feel adequate or worthy. We don't always present ourselves the best because we don't feel the best. We're changing that! Sis, you are worthy! You are more than enough! Even when you don't feel like it, you must step outside of your door looking every bit of the gorgeous queen you are and like you're ready to take this world by storm! 

Plus Size Ego is known for giving full-figured women’s wardrobes the sexy yet simple upgrades needed to amplify their beauty and power. We have just the right ruffles, puffed sleeves, statement styles, accessories and more to accentuate your curves, turn heads and give you the unstoppable confidence to own every room you enter. Shop with us and take "I don't have anything to wear" out of your vocabulary, we got you!